Our beauty team

Dr. Alissa Graffagnino

Spoken language French, English, Italian

Dr. Graffagnino is Italian by origin; she obtained her University Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Pisa in 2016. In 2018 she chose to specialise in psychiatry. After 3 years of practice, Alissa started to be interested in aesthetic medicine, which has now become a passion. Alissa joined the Forever medical team in 2022. She now practices in our Forever Boutique in Lausanne at 50%; allowing her to pursue her activity as a psychiatrist in parallel. Because of her background, Dr. Graffagnino combines the finesse of judgment with the perfection of gesture.

Alissa likes to cultivate her sense of aesthetics and creativity through painting.

Dr. Chloé Mathez-Loïc

Spoken language French, English, Italian

Generous and a great listener, Dr Mathez-Loïc has the technical precision and a vision of beauty in 3D that is unique to surgeons. Originally from Switzerland, Dr. Mathez-Loïc has spent most of her medical career in the cantons of Geneva - where she began her medical studies, Vaud - where she specialised in plastic surgery and Valais - where she worked in several surgical departments. Since 2022 Dr Mathez-Loïc has been practising in the Forever Boutique in Lausanne. Her favourite treatment? The Softlift with hyaluronic acid, which gives magnificent results, a natural rejuvenation without surgery.

Wonderful mother of a little baby, Chloe will be kite surfing again in a few years 😉

Dr. Raphaël Wahlen

Spoken language French, English

A graduate in paediatrics since 2017 (FMH specialist), Dr Raphaël Wahlen has developed his activity in medicine for adolescents and vulnerable populations within the CHUV as Head of Clinic, as well as in Montreal. His interest in aesthetics and his empathy naturally led him to take an interest in aesthetic medicine, and he joined Forever in 2022 to carry out what is now his main activity.

Dr Wahlen is a caring, meticulous and attentive doctor, whose sensitivity greatly reassures his clients. He sees aesthetic medicine as a path along which people can progress at their own pace and according to their own needs, with a focus on aesthetics, naturalness and prevention.

Dr Wahlen enjoys boxing and yoga; he also studies Chinese medicine.

Dr. Giulia Cremonese

Spoken language French, English, Italian

Italian by birth, Dr Cremonese completed her specialisation in psychiatry in Switzerland - her country of residence for the past ten years. In a society where image is increasingly characterised as a means of self-expression and affirmation, Giulia chose aesthetic medicine as her second specialisation. Fascinated by the idea of "tailor-made" beauty, she likes to take the time to explain to patients our different treatments and how to perform them. Her kind look and positive energy are particularly appreciated by her patients. Aligned with Forever's values and philosophy, Giulia also enjoys the relaxed and bright environment of our Nyon Boutique!

Giulia is a passionate photographer; follow her on Instagram to discover @lesfacadesdeparis

Dr. Luigi Polla

Guest star

Spoken language French, English and Italian

Dermatologist and aesthetic doctor, founder of Forever Institut and consultant for the largest laser and injectable companies, Dr Polla's reputation goes far beyond our borders.

As a true Italian, Luigi loves to gather his children and grandchildren around a good plate of pasta!

Dr. Gloria Muthukumaran

Spoken language French, English

A graduate in general medicine, Gloria discovered aesthetic medicine when, the following year, she replaced a general practitioner who also performed aesthetic procedures. Seeing the light emerge from patients' faces, seeing their anxiety disappear after a treatment was a revelation. Gloria then completed her training in injection techniques and peels, and obtained the Inter-University Diploma in Medical Lasers. Since the beginning of her medical aesthetic practice, Gloria has been nourished by the happiness generated by her patients who regain their self-esteem and reconnect their inner and outer beauty. Dr Muthukumaran practices between Forever Institut Geneva and Forever Boutique Nyon.

Gloria's next sporting objective: the Diagonale des Fous ultra-trail race on Reunion Island!

Dr. Catarina Palmeira

Spoken language French, English and Portuguese

A graduate in general medicine, Dr Palmeira quickly developed a passion for aesthetic medicine. She specialised in this field in 2019 and has been practising with unwavering dedication ever since. Originally from Portugal, Dr Catarina Palmeira is a professional with many qualities: her drive and determination are testament to her commitment to improving the well-being of her patients. Her approach to aesthetic medicine fits in perfectly with Forever's, emphasising natural beauty and prevention. She attaches particular importance to establishing a relationship of trust with her patients, based on gentleness and honesty.

A little je ne sais quoi. To elevate your beauty. Pleasure and lightness. In the present moment.


Spoken language French, English, Italian, German, Swiss German

Your skin needs a coach: that's Sandia's mission. Whatever the care she gives you, effectiveness is her point of honour. Sincere and reassuring, she systematically enriches your experience with the best dermo-cosmetic advice.

Sandia never misses an opportunity to travel - her favourite destination being India.


Spoken language French, English, Spanish

With 20 years of experience in various laser techniques, Viviane is a rigorous therapist who shares her practice between Forever Boutique Lausanne and Forever Institut Geneva.

Viviane is passionate about Latin music and dance.


Spoken language French, English, Serbo-Croatian

Ultra-dynamic, brilliant and efficient, Olivera is a medical therapist specialising in peels and laser treatments. She practised for 2 years in our Geneva Institute before joining our brand new team in Nyon.

Olivera's favourite hobbies are sports and playing the piano.

Lilac Rachel

Spoken language French, English

Lilas Rachel is a versatile and attentive nurse who supports our doctors during their treatments and ensures that medical records are properly followed up. With a wealth of experience gained in the laboratory and emergency departments, she stands out for her exceptional responsiveness and mastery of blood sampling. Qualified in PRP micro-injections and mesotherapy.

Lilas Rachel is committed to putting patients' needs and well-being at the heart of her practice. She is currently enhancing her skills by specialising in psychiatry and mental health at the CHUV.


Spoken language French, English

Attentive, meticulous and methodical, Aicha is an experienced Forever medical therapist. Specialising in laser treatments and skin care, she uses all her expertise to ensure your satisfaction. Her passion lies in the effectiveness of her treatments and the way they are carried out. With this in mind, Aicha will always guide you towards the most appropriate choices in terms of treatments and products, in order to achieve the results you want.

Aicha loves diving into the pages of a good book and exploring the globe through exciting travel adventures!

A little something. With a wow effect. To spark my beauty. Right now.


Spoken language French, English

Sparkling and intuitive, Clara rides the wave of trends. She creates engagement and dialogue in her role as Community Manager as well as at the reception of our Boutiques.

An adventurer of big cities, Clara loved living in Paris and Shanghai.


Spoken language French, English

Creative and with an innate sense of aesthetics, Marion deals with customer relations and digital marketing. Her versatility and positive energy are among her great qualities.

Epicurean by nature, Marion loves to create, taste and share colourful pastries.


Spoken language French, English

Margaux has developed a great sense of customer relations through her many professional experiences in the luxury hotel industry. Diligent and always smiling, she does her utmost to ensure an efficient and smooth reservation service.

Cyrille Polla

Spoken language French, English, Italian

A graduate in anthropology from Cambridge University, Cyrille has a strong sense of visual and written communication. She has been involved in family businesses for more than 15 years and embodies and deploys the image, message and soul of Forever

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