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At 20: Prevent & Improve

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You’re young and full of life and energy, sometimes out into the small hours. Your skin is also young, smooth and toned. At the same time, it has a few minor problems: outbreaks of spots and acne, dilated pores or acne scars. But don’t worry: all you need to do is find an effective treatment so that your skin is clear and radiant.

Your twenties are the perfect moment to start thinking about preventing the first signs of skin ageing. It has been proved that the proteins that are necessary for the skin’s firmness and suppleness, namely collagen and elastin, respectively, start to wear out and become scarcer. At the same time, dark spots caused by repeated and prolonged exposure to the sun begin to appear. Other minor imperfections, such as fine lines and circle under the eyes, may also emerge.

It is therefore recommended that you include aesthetic ‘first aid’ in your beauty regime. You can rest assured, though, that there are gentle yet effective solutions that are tailored to your age and budget. Your skin will feel the benefits, and, believe us, you’ll not regret it!

With 30 years of experience, here’s what we know: people who start aesthetic medicine treatments in their twenties look younger for longer than those who wait until their forties to correct the signs of ageing that have already taken hold.

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Botulinum toxin injections temporarily reduce the strength of contractions of certain muscles. This has the effect of correcting the fine lines caused by certain facial expressions that are sometimes known as ‘expression lines’. When you see these fine lines start to appear, it is recommended that they are treated so that they do not form wrinkles and become visible even when your facial muscles are relaxed. The first areas to be treated are generally the forehead and the area between and just above the eyebrows.

In the majority of cases, a mini-dose that we have developed for our ‘Botox light’ treatment is enough to correct and prevent the fine lines that appear in your twenties.

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