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From 50: Restore & Tone Up

Your skin and its needs

Your skin has its needs. If you’ve not already adapted your beauty regime to these, now is the right time! The skin and its needs change over the years and, in your fifties, because of hormonal changes associated with the menopause, the skin loses its firmness, its bounce and its radiance. And don’t forget that fine lines become more defined and increase in number.

This is why you now have to step things up a gear in terms of aesthetic treatments: these need to be more intense, more numerous, and more frequent.

Our treatments


  • For your face
  • For your neck and neckline 
  • For your hands
  • For your hair
  • For everything else

At Forever Boutique, you’ll find tailored treatments, such as botulinum toxin (commonly known as Botox®) and hyaluronic acid injections.

We also offer Softlift, a hyaluronic acid treatment. We recommend that this is undertaken alongside Botox® so that the whole face is treated.

Radiesse® injections (calcium microparticles) offer a solution to sagging skin around the neck and neckline. This treatment stimulates the fabrication of collagen and gradually firms the skin. Find out more about our ‘Me-So-Juicy’ treatment here.

To find out more, please contact Dr Michael Franz.

Your hands are constantly exposed to a range of environmental damage, such as UV radiation, and your hands give away your age in an instant. This is why you must include your hands in your anti-ageing programme. Hyaluronic acid injections firm up the backs of your hands and reduce the appearance of veins and tendons that make your hands look old.

One more tip: every time you book an appointment for a ‘Work-Out’ peel, ask your therapist to treat your hands with it as well; it lightens marks caused by sun damage and smooths the skin.

The reduction in oestrogen production has an effect on the thickness and quality of your hair.

To slow down hair loss and strengthen growing hair, we recommend combining PRP (plasma-rich-platelet) injections with our ‘HairCare’ mesotherapy.

For everything else, we invite you to visit our parent company, Forever Institut, in Geneva. There, we offer a whole range of anti-ageing treatments, such as Ulthera and Thermage for skin firming, vascular, pigment and fractional lasers to treat sun damage, redness and general skin ageing.

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