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A thirst-quenching cocktail for your skin

390 CHF

Number of sessions: 3
Duration of the session: 30 minutes
Interval between sessions: 2-3 weeks


A thirst-quenching cocktail for your skin

Skinbooster: injection of hyaluronic acid to hydrate your face.

Skinboosters belong to the family of non-cross-linked or slightly cross-linked hyaluronic acids. This means that they have a fluid consistency and will hydrate the skin in depth without altering the volumes of your face. As its name suggests, this treatment gives your skin a boost. Natural result guaranteed!

In addition to its strong hydrating power, the injection of Skinbooster improves the appearance and quality of the skin while gradually stimulating its production of collagen. Over the course of the sessions, your skin becomes visibly healthier and younger looking. This thirst-quenching and revitalising treatment is your skin's HAPPY HOUR.


Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that already exists in our skin. This acid acts like a waterlogged sponge that promotes good cell activity: it moisturises and ensures the skin's elasticity and tone. But with age, the natural presence of this precious molecule in our skin diminishes, until it disappears completely. Injections can prevent and reduce the signs of skin ageing that result from this.


  • Moisturises and plumps the skin
  • Makes the skin more supple, firm and smooth
  • Improves the radiance of the complexion
  • Reduces the "wrinkled" effect caused by fine lines
  • Reduces the appearance of acne scars

Treatment areas

  • Middle and lower face
  • Neck
  • Décolleté
  • Hands


The benefits of skinboosters are cumulative and progressive. Our doctors recommend a course of treatment of 3 sessions at intervals of 1 month. Thereafter, maintain the results with one or two injections per year.

Any questions?

Please don’t hesitate to book a consultation with one of our doctors to discuss any of our treatments.

Can I wear lipstick after the session?

Yes, you can apply lipstick immediately after this treatment; you'll enjoy it even more!

Will I get bruises?

A bruise may appear on - or around - the lip as a result of the injection. If you have skin that tends to bruise, consider arnica globules which help prevent minor bruising. This inconvenience only lasts a few days and can be camouflaged with a foundation.

Is the injection painful?

As hyaluronic acid contains an anaesthetic, and the needle used is very fine (0.20mm diameter), the average discomfort is rated 3/10 by our clients.

How does a skinbooster session (injection of hyaluronic acid for the face) work?

Depending on the needs and in order to optimise the results, the doctor can use two injection techniques: the 'topping' technique using ultra fine needles and/or the 'dispersion' technique using a fine, flexible cannula.

Who performs this treatment?

specialist care 1 Dr Alissa Graffagnino Find out more

Dr Raphaël Wahlen Find out more

Dr Giulia Cremonese Find out more

Dr Chloé Mathez-Loïc Find out more

Dr Catarina Palmeira Find out more

Dr Gloria Muthukumaran Find out more


  • Skin that suffers from inflammatory acne
  • Skin that suffers from eczema
  • Abrasive facial treatment (e.g. laser) less than 7 days before
  • Skin infection
  • Coagulation disorder
  • Pregnancy

A thirst-quenching cocktail for your skin

Chf 390
3 sessions - Chf 990

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