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Hyaluronic acid light 

A thirst-quenching cocktail for your skin

CHF 390
3 sessions - CHF 990

Number of sessions: 3
Duration of the session: 30 minutes
Interval between sessions: 2-3 weeks

Hyaluronic acid light

A thirst-quenching cocktail for your skin

This treatment uses microinjections to introduce a liquid solution of hyaluronic acid into the dermis. The principle is that of mesotherapy and the injection technique is known as ‘nappage’, which is carried out using ultrafine needles. This revitalising and thirst-quenching treatment is like happy hour for your skin!


Skin that is hydrated from within is like a well-watered plant: it exudes firmness and suppleness. Over the course of the treatment, your fine lines will fade and your skin will become visibly healthier.


Me-So-Juicy should be carried out as part of a course of treatments, as the benefits are gradual and cumulative.

Any questions?

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Can I wear lipstick after the session?

Yes, you can apply lipstick immediately after this treatment; you'll enjoy it even more!

Will I get bruises?

A bruise may appear on - or around - the lip as a result of the injection. If you have skin that tends to bruise, consider arnica globules which help prevent minor bruising. This inconvenience only lasts a few days and can be camouflaged with a foundation.

Is the injection painful?

As hyaluronic acid contains an anaesthetic, and the needle used is very fine (0.20mm diameter), the average discomfort is rated 3/10 by our clients.

What product is used?

It is hyaluronic acid, a sugar that is naturally present in - and between - our skin cells. It is gradually and naturally resorbed.

Who performs this treatment?

specialist care 1 Dr Véronique Bani Find out more

Dr Michael Franz Find out more

Dr Lara Rei Find out more


  • Skin that suffers from inflammatory acne
  • Skin that suffers from eczema
  • Abrasive facial treatment (e.g. laser) less than 7 days before
  • Skin infection
  • Coagulation disorder
  • Pregnancy

Hyaluronic acid light
A thirst-quenching cocktail for your skin

Chf 390
3 sessions - Chf 990

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