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Intense Mesotherapy

Growth factor injections to stimulate hair regrowth

CHF 390

Number of sessions: 5
Duration of the session: 30 minutes
Interval between sessions: 1 week

Intense Mesotherapy

Injection of growth factors to stimulate hair growth

A dense, healthy head of hair reflects strength and vitality; in other words, when your hair looks good, you look ‘happy, healthy, sexy’, and here at Forever Boutique, we do everything we can to help you feel that way. Hair Complex has just been added to the range of products we use to treat hair loss, whether it is seasonal, hormonal or age-related. Hair Complex contains concentrated, hair-specific growth factors which are injected directly into the scalp using mesotherapy.

Benefits of treatment

Finally, an end to those complexes that come with hair loss! During the treatment sessions, you’ll notice an improvement in the density and quality of your hair, as well as a gradual slowing down of your hair loss. After a course of 5 sessions, hair regrowth will get a significant boost.


After a 5-session course of Hair Complex mesotherapy, it is recommended that you plan some follow-up sessions, the frequency of which you can decided in consultation with your doctor, depending on your specific needs.

Any questions?

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Are intense Mesotherapy injections painful?

The scalp is a very sensitive area, and using an anaesthetic cream is not an option. The mesotherapy injection technique involves a lot of pricking, and some people find this sensation difficult to tolerate. In this case, the doctor may apply an ice pack to lightly anaesthetise the area before the injections. After the session, you may experience a localized headache, which subsides within an hour.

Is Intense Mesotherapy a treatment for men and women?

Yes, Intense Mesotherapy is a product that acts on hair growth in both men and women. However, mesotherapy injections are not sufficient in cases of advanced baldness.

Who performs this treatment?

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Intense Mesotherapy
Injection of growth factors to stimulate hair growth

Chf 390

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