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Scalp PRP

PRP scalp injections to slow hair loss and stimulate regrowth

550 CHF
3 sessions - CHF 1450
5 sessions - CHF 2250

Recommended number of sessions: 5
Duration of the session: 60 minutes - Interval between sessions: 3 weeks

Mesotherapy of the scalp to slow down hair loss and stimulate regrowth

Scalp PRP

100% natural hair loss solution

Did you know that your blood contains a cocktail of miraculous little cells that offer a solution for hair loss? We explain: PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), also known as plasmatherapy, is a self-regenerating self-regenerative injection technique. This means that by drawing on the resources of your own blood various cells with regenerative powers are extracted and then re-injected into an area of your an area of your body that needs to be stimulated, repaired or rejuvenated.

The added advantage is that PRP offers a natural 100% solution. As an autologous technique, there is no risk of allergy, sensitivity or rejection.


PRP injections enable us to treat and give confidence to both men and women who suffer from hair loss. During the treatment sessions, this technique:

  • slows hair loss
  • stimulate their regrowth
  • regenerate and densify your hair


Step 1: Our nurse takes a small sample of your blood

Step 2: The blood is immediately centrifuged to extract

Step 3: Plasma enriched with platelets, growth factors and stem cells

Step 4: PRP is re-injected into the scalp with a micro needle the treatment boosts cellular activity, revascularisation and tissue regeneration which will contribute to the increase in hair density

prp hair-4 treatments

Treatment plan

For the results of PRP to be visible and long-lasting, we recommend 5 sessions at 3-4 week intervals, followed by 1-2 maintenance sessions to be scheduled throughout the year.

Good to know

Do not take aspirin 24 hours before an injection session and avoid washing your hair immediately after your treatment.


Any questions?

Do not hesitate to take the time to discuss with one of our doctors during a aesthetic medicine consultation.

Testimonials on PRP hair care

Do PRP injections have a preventive effect?

Like most aesthetic medical treatments, PRP is indicated for the prevention of hair loss. In this case, rather than planning several sessions spaced out over time, our doctors recommend a monthly or even bi-monthly session.

What is the best time of year to have PRP injections?

Hair loss becomes more pronounced during the beginning of the season (spring and autumn). It is a natural and inevitable manifestation of your physiological clock. However, you can do something about your new hair growth and make sure that it is as numerous and thick as the hair it replaces. March-April and September-October are good months to do your PRP and/or mesotherapy injections.

I have just given birth and I am losing my hair. Is this a good indication for PRP treatment?

After pregnancy, it is common to lose hair. This form of postpartum alopecia is quite common and affects about half of all women. Although it is
reversible, it is preferable to act quickly so as not to see the hair lose its volume. PRP is very suitable in this case.

Does PRP regrow hair on a bald area?

PRP does not regrow hair in a bald area. To regrow a bald head, a hair transplant is recommended. We perform this procedure in our
Geneva Institute.

Who performs this treatment?

Lilac Rachel Find out more

*An additional CHF 100 for this treatment with a doctor.

Scalp PRP

Scalp injections to slow hair loss and stimulate regrowth

Chf 550

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