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From Hollywood to the Champs Elysées, everyone is talking about it... Hydrafacial is coming to Lausanne, exclusively at Forever Boutique! Hydrafacial is a complete facial adapted to all skin types, for her and for him. It provides different levels of care: deep cleansing, exfoliation, blackhead removal, hydration and application of targeted products according to your skin problems.
From CHF 190

Alchemy Peeling

Light peeling, radiance boost

Like the wings of a butterfly, your skin is delicate and reacts to its environment. In a world of constant acceleration, your skin is subjected to overwork and pollution. Precious, it must be preserved and rid of impurities. Thus, peeling is an essential practice for the health of your skin: its breathing, its suppleness and its light.
chf 100
chf 250 - Package 3 sessions

PRX Peeling

Medium peel, smoothing effect

Over time, pigment spots and a lack of elasticity can deteriorate the quality of your skin. By massaging a few drops of a concentrated trichloroacetic acid product into your skin, your fine lines will be plumped up, your skin smoothed and your spots lightened. Regain your youth!
chf 150
Package 3 sessions - chf 390

TCA peel

Intense peeling, anti-ageing

The TCA peel is intended for patients who are generally over 40 years old and who have wrinkles, age spots and sometimes significant acne scars. This peel fades - or even erases - brown spots caused by the sun (lentigo and melasma / pregnancy mask). The "new skin" effect can be seen in the unified and brightened appearance of the skin, its smoother and tighter appearance, as well as its fresher and rosier tone.
chf 250
chf 650 - Package 3 sessions


Mesotherapy, microneedling

Does your skin have small imperfections such as enlarged pores or old acne scars that annoy you? Micro-needling allows a cocktail of active ingredients to penetrate your epidermis, while stimulating collagen formation. Over the course of the sessions, your skin texture will become finer and your dark circles and scars will disappear.
chf 250
chf 650 - Package 3 sessions

Hollywood Peel

Charcoal laser peeling

The Hollywood Carbon Peel is our brand new laser facial, performed exclusively at Forever Boutique in Nyon. You’re aiming for an immediately clear and super smooth skin ? The Hollywood Peel is your answer. It will remove irregularities and impurities, and even-out the texture of your skin.
chf 200
chf 500 - Package 3 sessions

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