The most efficient micro-focused ultrasound device, to correct the first signs of skin slackening.


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Duration of the session: 1h30 to 2h
Number of sessions: 1


Ultrasound lifting

Sagging skin is part of the skin's ageing process, and is characterised by sagging facial features, the formation of jowls, loss of oval definition and the appearance of certain wrinkles on the lower face.

But the good news is that in just one session, the Ulthera treatment can prevent and correct sagging skin! Thanks to its micro-focused ultrasound technology, which heats the tissues in depth and provides a subtle, natural and long-lasting tightening effect, without inducing social eviction.

How does it work?

The Ulthera device is the ultimate in micro-focused ultrasound technology (Hifu). Equipped with an ultrasound imaging system, it allows the technician to work with precision at various targeted depths: 1.5 - 3 - and/or 4mm deep, depending on the area.


Ulthera treatment prevents and corrects loss of firmness in the lower face, neck and other small areas such as the eye area. The results are progressive, visible from the 3rd month after the session.



  • sagging lines
  • distended skin
  • sunken face
  • loss of definition of the oval of the face

Medical consultation

This treatment requires a consultation with a skin analysis (free of charge), so that our medical team can confirm the right indication and plan the session by giving you all the necessary information.

Who performs this treatment?

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