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PRX Peeling

Bio-revitalising face care with TCA to refine the skin texture and unify the complexion

CHF 150
3 sessions - CHF 390

Number of sessions: 3
Duration of the session: 45 minutes
Interval between sessions: 2-3 weeks

PRX Peeling

The peel that makes your skin work

The PRX peel is a bio-revitalising treatment that corrects pigmentation spots and the lack of skin tone. The principle of the treatment is to place a few drops of a product concentrated in trichloroacetic acid (or TCA) on your skin and to massage to optimise the penetration of the active molecules. Discover also a lighter peeling with the Light Peeling.


From the first intense peel you will see your fine lines plumped and your skin smoothed. By repeating the sessions according to our recommendations, your spots will lighten and your complexion will regain its youthful glow.


To potentiate the "new skin" effect, combine the Intense Peeling with 3 sessions of Hyaluronic Acid Light.

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What is the composition of the product used?

It is a product composed of trichloroacetic acid (TCA) modulated by hydrogen peroxide and kojic acid. The patented combination of the two components results in dermal stimulation without exfoliation of the epidermis.

Can the intense peeling be done all year round?

Yes, this treatment can be carried out in all seasons.

Is the Intense Peel suitable for all skin types?

Yes, this treatment is suitable for all phototypes.

Is my skin more sensitive to the sun after a peel?

Yes, because of its exfoliating action, the peel sensitises the skin. It is therefore important to protect it with a quality screen.

Complete the "wow" effect with...

Alchimie Forever Silk Skin Scrub: 55 chf


  • Very sensitive and reactive skin
  • Cold sores or other infections or inflammation of the facial skin
  • Skin that suffers from eczema

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PRX Peeling
The peel that makes your skin work

Chf 150
3 sessions - Chf 390

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