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Laser tattoo removal

The unparalleled performance of the PicoSure® laser

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Number of sessions: Depending on assessment
Duration of the session: 30-60 minutes
Interval between sessions: 6 to 12 weeks

Tattoo removal session

The unparalleled performance of the PicoSure® laser

PicoSure® is a new, more effective tattoo-removal laser, available exclusively in Lausanne at Forever Boutique. PicoSure® is the latest advance in laser technology and represents a revolution in tattoo removal. This device can emit laser pulses in picoseconds, i.e. 100 times shorter and more powerful than before. This means it is effective on certain stubborn colours and inks that lasers from earlier generations could not handle.


During the laser sessions, the unwanted tattoo completely disappears

  • It is effective on inks and colours that are resistant to other lasers (such as violet and turquoise).
  • It offers better results in fewer sessions.
  • It has few side effects.
  • The skin recovers better between two sessions.
  • It also removes permanent make-up.
  • It also treats pigmented scars.


We recommend an initial consultation with our laser specialist to work out an estimate of the cost of your tattoo treatment; the number of sessions will depend on the quality, density and depth of the ink. To reduce discomfort, an anaesthetic cream can be applied before the laser treatment. This is an effective treatment for both men and women who want to say goodbye to their tattoos!

laser tattoo removal picoplus


In order to meet all requests, we offer the PicoPlus laser at the Nyon Boutique. This laser has a wide range of wavelengths which allows it to :

  • To remove tattoos on dark skins
  • To be more efficient on colour removal (especially red and pink)
  • Reduce uncomfortable after-effects of tattoo removal such as blisters

Any questions?

Please don’t hesitate to book a consultation with one of our doctors to discuss any of our treatments.

Can PicoSure laser tattoo removal be performed on black skin?

The PicoSure laser can be used on mixed-race and oriental skins; however, it is not recommended for tattoo removal on very dark skin, as the risks of depigmentation are high.

What is special about the PicoSure laser?

The ultra-short pulse duration of the PicoSure goes beyond the thermal action by creating an intense mechanical impact. This phenomenon leads to a better destruction of the target for an optimal result with fewer treatments and less fluence. The tissues surrounding the treated area are thus better preserved (less risk of side effects).

How does tattoo removal work?

The principle of laser tattoo removal is based on the absorption by the tattoo pigments of the light energy emitted by the laser. The brevity of the light pulse also allows such a high concentration of energy in the colour particles that they fragment and become invisible. The body will then gradually reabsorb the ink in the weeks following the session.

What are the main reasons why a person gets a tattoo?

  • a poorly executed drawing ;
  • a first name that no longer applies;
  • the pattern no longer appeals;
  • a design that is too visible and becomes a professional hindrance
  • contours that become blurred and lose their definition
  • a youthful mistake.

Who performs this treatment?

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  • Eczema, skin lesions.
  • Self-tanning creams.
  • History of pathological scarring .
  • History of melanoma.

Tattoo removal
The unrivalled performance of the Picosure laser

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