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Anti-dark circle injections

Micro-injections of a brightening cocktail to correct dark circles

CHF 390 per session

CHF 990 pack of 3 sessions
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Number of sessions: 3
Duration of the session: 45 minutes
Duration of benefit: 2 weeks

Anti-dark circle injections

Micro-injections of a brightening cocktail to correct dark circles

The appearance of dark circles is not necessarily linked to skin ageing, nor is it solely dependent on lifestyle. Indeed, many people, men and women, who do not lack sleep, see their dark circles become more pronounced and persist from their twenties onwards. There is a product that combines hyaluronic acid with certain fruit acids with lightening powers. During a session of anti-dark circle injections, the doctor injects micro-droplets of this solution along the dark circles, the lower eyelid and even on the upper eyelid, which may also be pigmented.


  • Lightens dark circles (brown pigmentation)
  • Improves the skin quality of the eye area
  • Reduces fine lines on the lower eyelid


For the benefits of the anti-dark circle injections to be appreciable and long-lasting, 3 sessions of injections spaced 15 days apart are required. Our doctors recommend completing the anti-dark circle approach with PRP injections 3 times a year.

Any questions?

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What about dark circles? Will the Anti-Dark Circle Injections also have an effect on the tear trough?

The hyaluronic acid used as a look-booster / skin-booster is not a volumising agent; it only has a biostimulating and moisturising effect. To fill a very deep tear valley, the doctor will choose a more concentrated and cross-linked hyaluronic acid (a filler), specifically designed to restore volume. If the face is also hollowed out at the temples and/or cheeks, the doctor will adopt a technique such as the Softlift, to harmonise and beautify the face as a whole.

Are the injections painful?

Some patients tolerate the injections without any problems, although they cause a rise in tears which can be unpleasant. To increase comfort during the session we offer two solutions: applying ice packs to the eyes or anaesthetic cream.

How to choose between PRP and Dark Circle Injections to reduce dark circles?

PRP (plasmatherapy) is a more complete and effective long-term approach to the treatment of dark circles than non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid injections. Indeed, the platelets injected in PRP contain growth factors that will have a powerful impact on the activity and regeneration of our skin cells, ultimately improving both texture and colour/pigmentation. More sessions of anti-dark circle injections are needed to obtain the same result as with PRP.

However, PRP injections are more painful, more expensive, the session takes longer, and the swollen appearance of the eye area is more pronounced than after a dark circle injection.

Who performs this treatment?

specialist care 1 Dr Véronique Bani Find out more

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  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Severe oedema (bags under the eyes) under the eyes

Anti-dark circle injections
Micro-injections of a lightening cocktail 

Chf 390

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