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Botox injection upper face

Injection of botulinum toxin to smooth expression lines in the upper part of the face: frown lines, horizontal forehead wrinkles, crow's feet, bunny lines.

1 zone - CHF 300 Pack 4 sessions - CHF 1000

2 zones - CHF 400

3 zones - CHF 500 Pack 4 sessions - CHF 1600

Number of sessions: 1
Duration of the session: 30 minutes
Interval between sessions: ~ 3-5 months

Intense Botox

Injection of botulinum toxin to smooth expression lines in the upper part of the face: frown lines, horizontal forehead wrinkles, crow's feet, bunny lines.

Fade expression lines with botulinum toxin injection

You feel great - and yet you look tired... It's time to take a "break" at Forever Boutique! The injection of botulinum toxin acts as a muscle relaxant where expression lines begin to deepen. Leave with a rested face!

Treatment areas

Depending on the anatomy of your face, the tone of your muscles, your particular facial expressions, your age and the number of wrinkles you wish to reduce, the dosage and injection points may vary.

1 zone : to target the frown line or crow's feet wrinkles

2 zones: for the lion's wrinkle and crow's feet wrinkles

3 zones: to rejuvenate the entire upper third of the face


The result is a relaxed, younger-looking face and more beautiful, smoother skin. We use different types of botulinum toxin (Vistabel, Azzalure, Dysport - Xeomine / Bocouture); our doctor selects the right Botox for the result you want - natural effect or very smooth effect.


Consider arnica globules to help prevent bruising, and avoid taking aspirin or other anti-inflammatories in the days leading up to your appointment. Come back to Forever Boutique 2 weeks after the injection for a quick check-up.

Any questions?

Please don’t hesitate to book a consultation with one of our doctors to discuss any of our treatments.

Does the effect of the botulinum toxin suddenly disappear?

No, the effect of the botulinum toxin diminishes progressively, and the muscles recover their tone approximately 4 months after the injection. To prolong its benefits, the treatment can be repeated every 4 to 6 months.

Are there any side effects associated with this treatment?

Some inconveniences may occur during the stabilisation period of the botulinum toxin, such as asymmetry or a heavy feeling in the eyelids. In 10% of cases, the needle punctures cause small bruises. Take the time to discuss this in more detail with one of our doctors.

Is the effect immediate?

No, the benefits of botulinum toxin take place over a period of 3 to 15 days after the injection.

Who performs this treatment?

specialist care 1 Dr Alissa Graffagnino Find out more

Dr Raphaël Wahlen Find out more

Dr Giulia Cremonese Find out more

Dr Chloé Mathez-Loïc Find out more

Dr Luigi L. Polla Find out more

Complete the "wow" effect with...

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  • Allergy and/or hypersensitivity to botulinum toxin type A
  • Infection or inflammation of the skin near the injection site
  • Muscle disorders and/or neurological disease
  • Taking anticoagulants or blood clotting disorders Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Intense Botox
In 30 minutes, show the benefits of 30 days of holiday!

Chf 500

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