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Anti-dark circle peeling

Medical lightening peel to correct pigmented dark circles of ethnic origin and periorbital melasma

CHF 200

Number of sessions: 2 - 4
Duration of the session: 30 minutes

Anti-dark circle peeling

Medical lightening peel to correct pigmented dark circles of ethnic origin and periorbital melasma

Dark circles and a tired appearance are one of the most frequent requests for aesthetic medicine. This is why we have developed treatments that enhance the radiance of your eyes. The Anti-Dark Circle Peel is an anti-dark circle treatment that consists of applying a medical peel to the eye contour area. It is particularly indicated for lightening pigmented circles of ethnic origin and periorbital melasma.


Evens out the pigmentation between the eye area and the skin of the rest of the face Reduces the appearance of eye protuberance Enhances and illuminates the eyes Gives a rested and rejuvenated look


This type of peel offers very good results on unsightly pigmentation of the lower and upper eyelids; to fully appreciate the benefits, this treatment requires a very precise protocol and rigorous follow-up.

Any questions?

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Does the Anti-Dark Circle Peel also correct fine lines?

Yes, this peel helps to improve the quality of the skin and reduces and prevents fine superficial lines. To correct expression lines, the solution is Botox injection.

What precautions should be taken during the treatment period?

As the Anti-Dark Circle Peel is an intense peel that acts on the activity of your melanocytes (cells in the epidermis responsible for skin pigmentation), it is imperative to avoid any exposure to the sun during the treatment period.

Is it possible to have an anti-dark circle peel in summer?

The summer period is not the right time to be treated for skin pigmentation problems. However, our doctors invite you to come in for a consultation to draw up an assessment that will enable us to set up an appropriate anti-dark circle peeling protocol for the autumn. In the meantime, sun protection is essential!

Who performs this treatment?

Dr Lara Rei Find out more

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  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • UV exposure (sun, solarium)
  • Sensitive, reactive skin
  • Severe eczema
  • Wounds or infections around or in the eye

Anti-dark circle peeling
Treat yourself to an anti-dark circle peel

Chf 200

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