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9 janvier 2020

Our New Year’s Resolutions

When we were children and still spending New Year’s Eve with our parents, they implemented a tradition of discussing our current year successes and New Year’s intentions and...
21 octobre 2019

Red Eye Flights

On Friday, I left DC and made my way to the amazing island that is Tinos, in the Cyclades. This is a 24-hour journey door to door… and it is worth every minute of the trip. I arrived on Tinos on Saturday 18:30 pm Greek time, on my birthday, dropped off my bags, showered, and headed to an amazing birthday dinner. I had no time for jet lag, no time for red eyes.
9 novembre 2018

Tips For a Successful Boudoir Photo Shoot

I am always referred to as the most “conservative” of the Polla sisters. Not politically perhaps, but certainly when it comes to “those things.” (Indeed, Rachel might be at the opposite spectrum of the Polla sisters, I am sure you read her latest blog post…).
5 avril 2018

April Fool’s: Don’t believe these beauty myths

As the beauty consumer continues to become increasingly educated on skin care, ingredients, treatments, I continue to encounter a few deeply ingrained “beauty myths”… As April Fool’s Day was just a few days ago, the timing seemed perfect to debunk some of these.

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